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Domains For Sale by Owners

Sell Your Unused Domain Names

Do you have an old domain that is not being used any more?

Every day hundreds of old domain names expire and are lost to their owners.

We will pay CASH (through PayPal) for your unused domain name.

Check the Resale Value of Your Domain Name

Enter your domain name in the box and click on the button for an instant value of your domain name.

The value may be different for "yourdomain.com" and "www.yourdomain.com", it is usually higher if you include the "www"

$Approximate Value of this Domain

Please note that the amount returned is the approximate value of the domain to us. It is not an appraisal. It is based on a formula for small site valuation. For example, entering Yahoo.com or Apple.com will not be a true value of the domain because of the revenue streams generated by those domains.

What Effects the Value of a Domain Name

Many factors can effect the value of a domain:

1. The length of time it has been registered - older is better.

2. The number of links from other websites - more are better.

3. If your domain is listed in the Yahoo Directory or the DMOZ directory,

There are many other factors that can enter into the value. For this reason, the value generated automatically above is only an approximate value. If you would like to sell your domain, please enter your contact information below and we will review your domain in more depth if your asking price is reasonable.

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